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About the Farm

Meeting Land Farm is currently raising purebred Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. The milk production is used to supply Nansoap with fresh dairy milk a key ingredient in her products.

We plan on adding more things for purchase on our website soon. Such as, baby goats, hay, and more goods!

Located in Schoharie County, New York.

About Nansoap

Nansoap uses farm fresh goat milk, local honey, and home grown herbs!  We also use natural sea clay, french green clay, earth clay, moroccan red clay, kaolin clay etc... Clay can draw out impurities and toxins and leave skin silky smooth UNDERNEATH! They deep clean and leave skin so soft and moist.

We use natural powders such as carrot, pumpkin, chamomile, alkanet root, madder root, safflower,  tomato, beet, nettle leaf, burdock, etc... They often create the colors for our soaps, but they also contains lots of vitamins,minerals, and skin loving properties. 

Then there is the Goat Milk (25% in every bar) which in and of itself is such a wonderful and skin nourishing part of our soaps!  Goat milk has a high content of alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid.  Alpha-hydroxy acids are said to break down dead skin cell bonds, removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface and leaving behind new cells on the surface.

 Goat's milk can reduces skin inflammation due to its fat molecule content. The cream present in goat's milk is a natural moisturizer.

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